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Samothrace – Ancient City

The ancient city of Samothrace, built on the northern foot of mount Aghios Georgios at Palaiopolis, was naturally fortified and inhabited from the prehistoric until the Byzantine times. It includes remarkable fortification constructions and other architectural monuments. The Sanctuary of the Great Gods lies next to the ancient city.

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Samothrace - Mikro Vouni

A tumulus belonging to a prehistoric walled settlement was found at the location of Mikro Vouni on the southwest coast of Samothrace. The excavation research revealed clay “documents” originating from a Minoan archive, possibly of Knossos, which date to the Middle Bronze Age (19th – 18th centuries BC). The finds also include a Linear A inscription, which is one of the earliest testimonies on the use of this script out of Crete as well as a sealing with the first part of a hieroglyphic script (hieroglyphic signs – syllabic characters of the double axe and the cuttlefish).

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