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‘ower of Apollonia
Webpage of refering to the moniments of the Prefecture of Kavala, including a description of the‘ower of Apollonia

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‘ower of Apollonia

Despoina Skoulariki
Source: C.E.T.I.
© Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
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The tower of Apollonia stands between the ancient cities of Chrysoupolis and Anaktoroupolis and probably dates to the Paleologan era (1261 Ė 1453 AD). It is located in the coastal line of the municipal district of the Municipality of Eleftheres.
The tower dominates in the centre of the square enceinte and consists of two floors and an observation room that communicate with a stone-built staircase. Two gates lying above ground level form the entrance of the tower, while each side bears arched windows and small openings for lighting.
Reconstruction works have been carried out in the tower, while the surrounding area has been fenced for the protection of the monument.