Auricularia auricula-judae


Latin auricularia (adj) = earlike, from auricula, diminutive for auris=ear - auricula Judae = Judas' ear

Synonyms: Auricularia auricula; Hirneola auricula ( Latin, from hirnea =a vessel for liquids, especially wine)

Common names: Jew's Ear; Wood Ear; Tree Ear

Fruiting body up to 8 cm across (occasionally more), ear-shaped or cup-shaped, gelatinous when fresh, later rubbery, hard when dry. Inner flesh watery-gelatinous.

Outer surface pale brown to dark brown, finely hairy, with veins or ribs

Fertile inner surface various shades of brown, sometimes with a purple tinge, wrinkled, lobed or smooth

Stem absent or just visible

Spore print white. Spores 12-18 x 4-8 microns, sausage-shaped.

Habitat: on logs, stumps, dead branches, etc. Solitary, clustered or in groups. Widely distributed, occuring all year round, common in cool weather.

Edibility: Edible

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