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Ahrian Mosque, Xanthi

The current Ahrian Ìosque is a contemporary building. However, according to funerary inscriptions of the cemetery found in the precinct, it is the oldest muslim mosque of Xanthi (16th century).

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Tsinar Mosque, Xanthi

The Tsinar Mosque is a building of the 18th century. It was probably erected by Çıplak Hüseyin Ağa, an Ottoman official of Xanthi, as it is inferred indirectly by the funerary inscriptions of the cemetery found in the precinct of the mosque.

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Sounne Mosque, Xanthi

The mosque forms part of a bigger building complex. It is a quadrilateral edifice with an interesting oriental baroque-style decorated mihrab. The inscription on the façade outside the building is impressive.

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Servili Mosque, Xanthi

The mosque is a quadrilateral building. The interesting prayer room has two sequences of wooden hypostyles recalling the tobacco warehouses.

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Mosque (Muhajir) in Doiranis Str., Xanthi

The mosque is a quadrilateral building with a simple interior decoration and an interesting entrance gate.

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Hurriet Mosque, Xanthi

The mosque was built in the early 20th century and it is a quadrilateral structure having an interesting mihrab with a barroque-style decoration.

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