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The history of Philippoi
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The archaeological site of Philippoi
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Basilica A at Philippi

Despoina Skoulariki
Source: C.E.T.I.
© Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
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Basilica A at Philippi is built on a natural terrace of the hill that dominates above the Roman Agora and dates to the late 5th century AD.
It is a three-aisled, timber-roofed basilica with a transverse aisle on the east side. A monumental staircase led from the Via Egnatia to the peristyle court that further accessed the rectangular atrium, on the north side of which a phiale – shrine was found. The Basilica had a narthex with a staircase leading up to the gallery, a slab-paved floor and a gabled wooden roof. The main nave is divided by colonnades in three aisles, while the foundations of the Altar, the enkainion and the built synthronon are preserved in the Sanctuary.
The chapel on the southwest corner of the atrium, constructed after the destruction of the church, is known as the so-called “Prison of Apostle Paul”.