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Culture Mythology Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

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Aikaterinh Balla
Source: C.E.T.I.
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Shortly before the subjugation of Troy to the Greeks, king Priamus, in his attempt to save his younger son Polydorus, entrusted him as well as the treasures of his kingdom to Polymestor, a Thracian king. However, after the destruction of Troy, Polymestor killed little Polydorus for the purpose of getting possession of the treasures of Priamus, and cast his body into the sea. His body was afterwards washed upon the coast, near the military camp of the Greeks, where his mother Hecabe was held captive. Deeply in sorrow and angry for the death of his son, she decided to take vengeance upon Polymestor. She invited him and his two children in order to reveal him where the rest of the fabulous riches were kept. When Polymestor arrived at the tent of Hecabe, she and her companions blinded him and slaughtered his children, thus taking revenge for the loss of Polydorus.