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Aikaterinh Balla
Source: C.E.T.I.
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A single-aisled church measuring 8.25 X 6 m was revealed to the north of the settlement of Sostis. It resembles the architectural style of the church at Kerasia and dates to the same period. Only the northern and eastern parts of the church survive along with some wall marble slabs and several architectural members.
Just a few metres further south of this church, a large section of an extensive monastic complex with the Katholikon in the centre was revealed. It is a stone built, three-aisled basilica consisting of a narthex, a main nave and a sanctuary. The main nave was divided into three aisles by two colonnades (2+2 columns) and decorated with wall paintings, while the floor bore marble revetments. A cist grave was also revealed in the narthex.
Apart from the Katholikon, an ancillary building consisting of a gallery, the monasteryĺs altar and two ancillary rooms was found. Archaeological excavations brought to light fragments of glass vessels, small knives, a lead bulla (seal) of the 13th century, coins from the early 11th to the late 13th centuries, clay candlesticks and vessels, three parts of a green steatite plaque depicting martial saints, etc.