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Culture Architecture Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

Thracian flat rural house at the Mikrochori of Xanthi.
(Photo: V. Voutsas (“THRACE”, Greek Traditional Architecture, v.8: Macedonia B – Thrace. Melisa, Athens 1991. p.31 picture 38))

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Thracian flat rural house

Chrisa Melkidi
Source: C.E.T.I.
© Eastern Macedonia – Thrace Region
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The Thracian flat rural house is the one storey and low bi leveled house, constructed in a simple way, with concise equipment and arrangement. It is organized in two zones: a back one that consists of two rooms and the front one that consists of the frontal chagiati (roofed level’s extension). The house is formed linearly when the number of the cohabitants increases. The Muslim flat rural houses have characteristic high white yard walls that boost the family’s introversion.

Source: G. Kizis, “THRACE”, Traditional Greek Architecture, v.8: Macedonia – Thrace. Melisa, Athens 1991.