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Culture Architecture Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Prefecture of Xanthi Municipality of Myki

Pomak konaki in Echinos in the middle of the 19th century
(Photo: ceti)

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Chrisa Melkidi
Source: C.E.T.I.
© Eastern Macedonia – Thrace Region
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This is the settlement of Xanthi’s prefecture reflecting the characteristic Pomak architecture, with sachnisia (closed balconies), protected gates with grille windows, peculiar fire places and fine chimneys with big chagiatia, dry walls and tall fences everywhere. In the center of the settlement there are wooden additions of small stores and formal buildings, such as the mosque and the school. Azure, indigo and whitish are the most usual colors of the houses.

Sources: G. Kizis, “THRACE”, Traditional Greek Architecture, v.8: Macedonia B – Thrace. Melisa, Athens 1991. Gianopoulou-Roukouni, “Pomak villages: Construction, materials and technology as reformation factors of the residences’ style”, Thrakika Chronika, Xanthi v.38, 1983. pp.209-212.