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Tourism-Modern Life Touristic Substructure Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Prefecture of Xanthi Municipality of Topiros

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Tourist Destination of Municipality of Topeiros

Baira Kleio
Source: C.E.T.I.
© Region of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace
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The Municipality of Topeiros covers an area of 312,493 km2 and has a population of 12,500 inhabitants, a 65% of whom are Christians and a 35% are Muslims.
The northern mountain part of the Municipality forms part of the Rodopi mountain range and has rich vegetation, rare flora and fauna, deep carved gorges and numerous small streams that flow into Nestos river. The entire western part of the municipality is traversed by Nestos river, which has created snake-like banks with its natural flow. This landscape, known as the Straits of Nestos river, is surrounded by abrupt areas with aquatic vegetation. The southern part of the Muncipality contains the plain with the cultivation areas.
Nestos river is an important component of the plain. Making its way towards the sea, it forms the Nestos Delta, an area that commands special ecological and aesthetic interest due to the riverside forest (Kotza Orman) that extends along the river.
The main occupations of the locals are agriculture and livestock farming. There are many industries of national importance in the area and the Industrial and Business Estate (BE.ĐĹ.) is under construction. There are also many cultural societies and sport clubs that offer group sports training programmes and dance, theatre, photography, music courses, etc.
Many cultural events take place in the Municipality as well as the revival of the customs brought by the refugees like the custom of “Bambo” on 8 January, the custom of St Theodore, the tradition of “Pechlivanides” on St George Day, and the representation of the Thracian wedding at the settlement of Avato on 8 September. Other cultural events include the creation of academies for traditional Greek dances, the organization of music concerts at the beaches of Erasmio, Maggana and the Straits of Nestos river, aiming to the promotion of tourism and culture in the Municipality.
A section of a Roman or a Byzantine fortification wall survives near the national road of Kavala – Xanthi, between Paradeisos and the bridge of Nestos.
The narrowest part of the valley of Nestos, between the villages of Toxotes and Stavroupoli, is protected as an “Aesthetic forest”. Toxotes, the central settlement of the Municipality has a history of almost 200 years. The tobacco of Toxotes (oxilar) was famous all over the world for its aroma and quality. A modern hotel complex is ready to offer accommodation to travellers who are interested in visiting the Straits of Nestos river either going for trekking or rafting in the usually calm waters of the river. In the abandoned villages of Imera, Ageli and Prasinada visitors can wander around the stone-paved small streets leading to deserted two-storey houses that are few and far between.