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Culture Architecture Traditional Architecture Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Prefecture of Xanthi

North side of the Dimario bridge
(Photo: Nikolaos Th. Kokkas)
The big bow of the Dimario bridge
(Photo: Nikolaos Th. Kokkas)

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Neoclassic Architecture
Traditional Architecture
Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
Prefecture of Drama
Prefecture of Evros
Prefecture of Kavala
Prefecture of Xanthi
Prefecture of Rodopi
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Dimario bridge

Nikolaos Th. Kokkas
Source: C.E.T.I.
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The Dimario bridge is situated in the Moustan area, between the Dimario and Kotili village, on the old mountainous pathway. The decking is 22.60 in length and 2.20 in width. The length of the big bow is in 10.50 m while the height is in 6 m from the bow’s base and 12.50 m from the bottom of the watercourse. The smaller bow is 4 m in height and 2.30 m in length. A few miles away from the bridge, we find a waterfall. At Zabalsko position, near the bridge, we find another imposing waterfall along with small water lakes were children are having bath during the summer.
The Dimario village is one hour away from Xanthi, 7.40 m in altitude and it has 632 inhabitants. There is still a traditional water mill. At the northern side of the village, we find an impressive rock with the name ‘Visok Kamen’ (high rock). Moving higher we meet the Gouliamne (big) peak and the Ousina (ear) peak, near the Greek-Bulgarian borders.