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Culture Personas Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

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Folklore -Customs
Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
Prefecture of Drama
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Sofia Klimi-Panagiotopoulou

E. Dimitriadou - Efraimidou
Source: C.E.T.I.
© Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
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Sofia Klimi-Panagiotopoulou was born in Alexandroupolis where she lived till 1974. Then she moved to Patra. In 1958 she gained the story award of the Academy of Athens. Then she published stories, fictions, folklore texts and critic notes and she gave many lectures. In his book “Exomologisis, dierevnisi esoterikou chorou” [Confessions, exploring inner space] in 1990 she accents problems of the Thracian soul and its geographical space.
Other works: “To cheri tou Theou” [The God’s hand], “Foniades” [Murderers], “Sto dentro tou erimiti’ [At the eremite’s tree]. Her last book was published by Erodios publications and consists of a vivid story of Alexandroupolis before and during the World War II, with rich folklore and historical elements of homeland. Thracian Sofia Klimi-Panagiotopoulou was always present in the spiritual life of Thrace through her work, an important voice telling us about life in Thrace and the rest of Greece. She died on the 30th of September in 2001 at Patra.