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Official webpage of the Municipality of Philippoi

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The Palaestra of Philippi

Despoina Skoulariki
Source: C.E.T.I.
© Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
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The Palaestra of Philippi, contemporary to the Commercial Market, is a building constructed to the west of the narthex of the Basilica B and survived until the erection of the Early Christian Basilica (mid 6th century AD).
It is a quadrilateral building with a central peristyle court linked with the Commercial street through three entrances. The rooms of the complex were arranged around the east and west sides of the court. At the centre of the east wing there was an amphitheatre with seven rows of seats and at the west side of the court a series of rooms. On the southeast are the well-preserved public latrines, the so-called Vespasians, lying at a lower level in comparison with the rest of the building because of the natural inclination of the ground. There was a bench with 42 circular holes in this room that was kept clean by a subterranean drain with continuous flow of water.