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Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
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Municipality of Xanthi
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Mosque (Muhajir) in Doiranis Str., Xanthi

Tsigaras Georgios
Source: C.E.T.I.
© Region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace
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Location: The monument is located in the confines of the Muhajir quarter (Asa Mahalle), in Doiranis Str. and it comprises the mosque and the imam’s residence. It is also named Muhajir Mosque. Muslim refugees from Bulgaria migrated to Xanthi and settled in this neighbourhood during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878.
The Monument: It is a quadrilateral, stone-built edifice, with dimensions of 12X10 m. The imposing entrance is decorated with barroque-style elements. The spacious prayer room has a quadrilateral shape and the mihrab is simple. The central part of the flat roof is decorated with geometric patterns, similar to those decorating the mansions in the old town of Xanthi, although less sophisticated.
The white marble minaret is architecturally independent from the rest of the edifice, as it is adjacent to its southwest side. The right-angled base is lightly decorated, whilst the cylindrical part is twenty-sided. The base of the covering is adorned with a line of red bricks. Originally, it was erected as a masjid and later on, apparently it was converted into a mosque.
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