Cultural and Educational Technology Institute
Archiving Cultural Objects in the 21st Century

The following objects were scanned in three dimensions with an experimental 3D scanning system implemented by Viewpoint and adapted from the Multimedia Division of Cultural and Educational Technology Institute. The system is capable of scanning and representing objects in three dimensions with detailed texture after an automated scanning procedure.

In order to experience a 3D visualisation of the cultural objects you must have installed the Viewpoint 3D plug in on your system. The plug in is automatically been installed on your system by clicking on any of the following thumbnails.

Simply by selecting and clicking on each thumbnail below the 3D object will progressively downloaded on your computer and then you will have the ability to pitch,yaw and roll the object in a three dimensional world any way you like.

The time needed for the whole model to be downloaded depends of course on the network connection but even with a 56k modem you can have a detailed object within less that a minute.

Experimental Online GIS Application for objects
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